The Rockster – A True Story

“Every Once in a While a Dog Enters Your Life and Changes Everything…”

Ours is a story where sometimes an act of compassion brings in turn a rock in life, whose love, loyalty and guardianship has been absolute.

We found and rescued a dying dog from the steps of La Conca del Sogno, south of Naples during our honeymoon in May 2004, forcing us to cancel what was left of our holiday as our hotel did not accept dogs.

We set out on our life journey as a family together with The Rockster, whose name came from “Rock” from Rocky Agusta (who was with us that fateful day) and “ster” from Monster (Sven’s nickname), taking him everywhere we went as our real life honeymoon baby. Our children would be entertained night after night with stories about their beloved dog’s journey from the back streets of Naples to finding us, and his hilarious adventures in the South of France, Salzburg, Munich, Como, Paris, London and of course St Moritz.

The truth is, our incredible and wonderful mutt from Napoli has rescued us back in so many ways - we owe him both our family and our marriage. He became the rock that has seen us through the ups and downs of life, always there with his paw whenever we needed a hand. Our Rockster in every way…


The Story of Rockster’s Superfood

As The Rockster got older he became increasingly fussy and difficult to feed, rejecting in the end even the most “natural” commercial food unless he was so hungry he forced himself to eat something. Most importantly by 2014 the signs of aging were taking over, his health and mobility were deteriorating rapidly and we feared he may not have long left.

It dawned on us that he had eaten to survive all those years rather than actually enjoying food with such low quality ingredients. The guilt we felt when we learned what was actually inside even the most premium foods we had unwittingly given him over the years, led us to try and undo some of that damage.

With the help of Germany’s most respected canine nutritionist and industry expert, we set out to create a food for The Rockster that not only would he love eating, but harnessed the natural powers of nutrient rich “superfoods” in specific formulas and sufficient quantities, to restore his wellbeing and potentially extend his life. We targeted the prevention of cancer and everything that we had seen deteriorate in The Rockster’s health over the 10 years since we rescued him. Importantly, every ingredient had to be fully traceable and the best human-grade quality money could buy.

The result was a superfood that has not only restored his love for food, but has turned around The Rockster’s health and mobility in a way that has been remarkable.   No-one can believe he is at least anywhere between 16 and 19 years old which 3 years ago was but a dream. Miraculously in August 2016 he became a dad to the Pawsome Pupsters, who are living proof that Rockster Superfood reaches the parts other foods can't reach!

It has been a joy to see the new lease of life given to our beloved Rockster and to witness how it has rocked the tastebuds and world of every dog, large and small, that has tried it. Rockster Super Bone Broth was made originally for both the Pawsome Pupsters and our own children, to give them a start in life like no other.