At Rockster we believe in the power of food to preserve and restore health, and consider the gut a vital organ to be nurtured. We believe in superfoods, prebiotics, and the absolute right to know EXACTLY what we put into our bodies. DOGS ARE NO DIFFERENT! That's why we've developed products for dogs that are life-enhancing in every way.

Rockster Superfood

Certified Human Grade Bio-Quality:

We have a pervasive belief that quality is everything, especially in what we eat. Accordingly, Rockster products are made with the highest-quality human grade ingredients, certified to be free of any exposure to antibiotics, chemicals, growth hormones, pesticides, and steroids.

The resulting certified human grade bio-quality products taste like no other, and nurture the body rather than set it to work processing antibiotics, chemicals and allergens.

Rockster Superfood

Transparency and Traceability:

We believe that transparency is vital - you have the right to know precisely what your beloved dogs are eating. This is why each Rockster product has the full ingredients list completely itemised and accounted for. We even tell you EXACTLY which parts of the animal we use.

Our bio-certification guarantees not only the quality and purity of our ingredients, but also what the ingredients have eaten or been exposed to. It is proof that none of these ingredients have been compromised and that there is no risk of contamination by anything else in the production process.

Rockster Superfood

Bio-Superfoods with Prebiotics:

It is widely accepted, in many cases with clinical evidence, that certain foods with elevated nutrient content commonly referred to as “superfoods” for humans have amazing health benefits for dogs too! Rockster products are enhanced with bio-organic plant-based superfoods, which are added in careful combinations and meaningful quantities to make a real difference to your dog’s health as well as making Rockster naturally tasty for dogs.

All Rockster products are also prebiotic as they contain fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate. This powerful superfood is a rich source of inulin which, aside from being a proven prebiotic for dogs, enables the short digestion process of the dog to absorb many more of the nutrients they would otherwise do, as well as being a powerful aid to liver detoxification.