Janey Jackdaw, mother of Rabbit

"I can confidently say that after feeding Rockster superfood to my pregnant gorgeous girl Rabbit all through her pregnancy that Rockster food is all she wants and needs!

Her condition is brilliant for a first time mum who has carried four evenly sized large puppies for 9 weeks.

Her coat is soft and gleaming, her muscle tone and general body shape makes me wonder why I haven't seen this before on any other dog food diet! 

I am a very happy dog owner, knowing that I'm feeding my canine mummy the very best dog food on the market and that she will have all the nutritional needs a mother of four will need to raise them . 

It's so refreshing to find a new dog food that actually does what it says on the tin!  After many years of seeing bitches pregnant, giving birth and lactating you get to see the strain it takes on their bodies. We feed them what we think they need but I have never seen such a happy and healthy new Mum with equally healthy puppies.

Rabbit adores all of the Rockster menus and it is a pleasure seeing her love her food so much."