Fiona & Alan, proud parents of King

"King our adorable shar pei rescue dog, joined our family in February this year.
After a lot of love and socialising with other dogs and training from Mary at he was the most adorable pet and perfect in every way.
We had noticed early on that he was a fussy eater, We assumed that we were not feeding him his favourite food! We tried various brands/meals etc, But quite suddenly he stopped eating altogether. After a visit to the vets we were informed he had shar pei fever which was causing his kidneys to malfunction.  Devastatingly we were told that we should consider putting him to sleep... Mary from told us of a super dog food called Rockster. We started him on heaven and earth food expecting him to go to heaven shortly!...That was 3 months ago.. On his last visit to the vets last Wednesday we were told that whatever we were doing keep doing it !!! His blood test showed his kidney dialysis has been halved...a miracle due to Rockster we believe! King is definitely planning on staying on this earth for a lot longer.  
King loves the food and has gone from the dog who wouldn't eat to a spirited lively young boy who can't get enough of his Rockster.....!
Quite remarkable!!!
Thank you Rockster."