Donna Colson, Owner of Bella (Teacup Poodle)

We met almost a year and a half ago at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, I remember sharing my puppy's story with you. 

Bella was a one-year-old tiny teacup poodle. She was suffering from separation anxiety, her little boyfriend Benny a toy poodle had went to Israel and they got stuck over there for 4 months due to Covid. We didn't know it would affect her so drastically. Bella went from 4.8lbs to only 2.3lbs. The vets wanted to put her in hospital, but I refused. I was feeding her through a syringe to ensure she got the nourishment she needed. I could only get her to eat by giving her medication called Entice... 06ml would make her want to eat, but she would foam at the mouth, and it was such a drama to get her to eat!

Zoey, That is when I met you and I stopped at your booth to find out more about your product Rockster. It was after sharing Bella's story you gave me a couple of cans of the Rockster food. I went home after the pet Expo with hope. I tried giving Bella the food without having to give her the Entice medication to get her to eat. she was gobbling all the food up in the bowl!!! I was in shock, her is a puppy that almost had to be force fed by giving her medication to want to eat.

Bella loved the Rockster food, more than homemade chicken in vegetables... giving her the choice, she will stand on hind legs to get to the Rockster food before you even put it down and that is with fresh cooked bowl of chicken just sit in front of her! She choose Rockster every time!

I would highly recommend Rockster food to anyone with a picky little fur baby, I believe she is on her way to a long healthy life because she is eating healthy blends of Rockster food! I especially want her to eat Rockster because I don't give her medication to make her eat and Rockster has so many life enhancing benefits. Long life is important, but a healthy long life is a blessing!

Thank you for creating a product that has brought Bella back to healthy life!

Donna Colson

Palm Beach, Florida