Pop-Up Crossbreed Café in London

The Richmond and Twickenham Times has proudly covered the great event which we are helping to host in Richmond this Sunday - the Pop-Up Crossbreed Café:

Hosted by dog-friendly Paws for Coffee café and dog superfood company The Rockster, in collaboration with urban dog lifestyle blog The Dogvine, the Crossbreed Café is designed to shine the spotlight on mutts, mixes and rescue dogs, who often miss out on the attention. Top dog at the event will be The Rockster – pet food muse and former street dog, who was rescued by his now owners while they honeymooned in Italy back in 2004.

Now in the late numbers of his second decade at a staggering 18 years old, this plucky fellow inspired the birth of the world’s first dog superfood when he became increasingly fussy and hard to feed, rejecting even the most natural commercial food unless he was starving. Most importantly by 2014 the signs of aging were taking hold; his health and mobility were deteriorating rapidly, and they feared he may not have long left.

Desperate to help their beloved pet, The Rockster’s owners and pet food company founders teamed up with a German canine nutritionist and industry expert to create food for their dog that not only would he love eating but would restore his wellbeing and potentially extend his life.

The formula proved a success and extended his life, even allowing him to farther puppies. Keen to extend the virtues of the powerful pet food to less fortunate dogs and as part of the day’s fun, The Rockster is giving attendees the chance to nominate a deserving rescue charity to receive a ‘The Rockster’ super food donation, so other pups in need get a wellbeing boost. All the profits from the event will be donated to the nominated rescue charity.

The event also includes a doggy show (priced £2 entry per category) with VIP canine behaviour, nutrition and holistic health practitioner Junior Hudson, who will be on the lookout for the Prettiest Crossbreed, Handsomest Crossbreed or Best Rescue of the day.

Attendance to the Crossbreed Café is £10 per hound and human couple, with an additional £5 per extra dog. Included in the ticket price is coffee and cake for humans, and a Puppuccino and a Rockster goody bag for dogs.

Additional adult guests are £7 per person, which includes Coffee and Cake and children are priced at £5.50. The session runs from 11.30am to 2.30pm.

The Crossbreed Café takes place on Sunday, September 30 at Paws for Coffee, on Upper Richmond Road. Tickets for London’s first ever Crossbreed Café are available at Pawsforcoffee.co.uk/shop.

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