How Rockster Superfood is Changing Lives and The Story of Trixie

What a month the last has been! The most exciting for us here at Rockster is to see the effect Rockster has had on so many dog’s lives like Trixie, Mungo, Missy, Bertie, Maggie, Ella, Fudge, Zappa from Belgium, Pixie and Chelsea. Dogs across Europe have had a new lease of life since trying Rockster Superfood much to the joy and relief of their owners. Many of their testimonials are on our site including Missy Reid who has for the first time in her life licked her dog bowl clean!

In the case of Trixie, she had suffered 7 years of agonising colic and been having digestive problems since eating a rawhide chew. Her owner, Kay had struggled with Trixie’s behavioural changes and often manic behaviour. After reading about Rockster in YOU magazine, Kay ordered Rockster superfood and over the course of the next 2 weeks Trixie was slowly moved to a unique diet of Rockster food. The results have been extraordinary. Trixie (and Kay) have slept through the night for the first time in 7 years. Her colic has gone and what is more amazing, Trixie’s behaviour has transformed. She is calm, contented and relaxed. A completely changed dog!

Kay’s testimonial

“We have had terrible problems since eating a rawhide chew 7 years ago. All other dried foods and also her old tinned food all made her have horrendous colic like pains which would last about 24hrs. She couldn't eat or drink whilst she was in so much pain and also sickness. We had been feeding a dry Harringtons food recommended by the vet but still there were incidences of colic, and really wanted to try her on a wet food so jumped on the opportunity to try Rockster Superfood. She's absolutely wolfed the food down and from the outset really loved it. The transition period saw changes in her stools, initially looser and darker however 2 weeks in to only Rockster food she is a changed dog. Her manic behaviour has stopped, she's a contented quiet rather than an ill quiet and it is clear this food has settled her. She has not had any usual episodes of colic/upset stomach so we can only hope that her problems have settled down. She's still really loving the food and we've noticed her fur is now so soft and silky.”

Kay Ryan, mother of Trixie