HE'S A ROCKSTER: Rescue leads owners to Dog Superfood initiative

For many of us the saying “Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything” is true. Fourteen years ago, whilst we were on our honeymoon, Sven and I found a dying street dog on the steps of “La Conca del Sogno”, south of Naples, who captured our hearts.  We cancelled our honeymoon to rescue him and embarked on our journey as a family with “The Rockster” by our side.  The truth is however, he rescued us right back in so many incalculable ways.

There is something inexplicable about the bond we form with our dogs; they become our rock in life always there with a paw whenever we need a hand, and in turn their trust in us is absolute.  They love us unconditionally and, like children, are utterly dependent on the choices we make for them. These choices will affect their quality of life and in the end their lifespan.

The single most important choice we make for our dogs is what we put inside their bodies, together with exercise and the cuddles they love so much.  They trust us to understand what exactly we are feeding them – and of course, if there is nothing else on offer they will eventually eat whatever we put in their bowl.

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