Eva and Amelia's World Review: My Rockster Story

One of the UK's top 10 Pet Blogs, Eva & Amelia's World, is all about a girl and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel exploring dog friendly places in London and their story is one not too dissimilar to our own...

13.09.15 – The day it all changed.

Amelia & I haven’t always been so close. Amelia was brought into the family a year after I got my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Amira. She was very attached to Amira having grown up with her since she was 8 weeks old. My heart was so fully devoted to Amira I never grew as close to Amelia, as in my eyes no other dog could mean as much to me as Amira did.

It had been over a year leading to what would be Amira’s final day with us. She had suffered with heartbreakingly severe Syringomyelia – something I’ve yet to bring up here on the blog. It must have been one of the reasons I didn’t grow close with Amelia prior to Amira’s passing, as Amira required so much attention due to being so incredibly sick.

We both went to stay with my parents after coming back from the vet, just us two. I distinctly remember being on the sofa & Amelia wouldn’t cuddle with me. She stayed at the end of the sofa by my feet. We were together, but both of us were on our own. I told my mother I have the wrong dog. I kept thinking it over and over....

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